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A baker like no other

Eric Kayser
“Since I was 4 years old, I wanted to travel the world and become a baker. I take great pleasure in food. There is something curious and magical about making and touching bread dough, and watching the dough rise like a living thing in this process called fermentation.” -
Son, grand-son and great-grand-son of a baker, Eric grew up in the kitchen, learning to count by preparing eggs and measuring sugar. As a child, he dreamed of baking and travelling. Native of the French countryside, Lure in Haute-Saône, he left his hometown to discover new cultures and places. At the age of 14 years, Eric began his apprenticeship in the south of France, near Cannes. In 1983, he took part as a baker in the Tour de France, travelled throughout France, made his passion coming true at the age of 19 while developing and refining his cooking techniques. In 1988, he joined the Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie and earned his place in this prestigious school. He, then pursued his developed passion for teaching by becoming a baker consultant and teacher for 10 years. His continued ambition to teach and educate the world about French baking and techniques is showed by his expanding international presence.

About the company

French Artisan Bakers - Respectful of the French artisan baking tradition, Eric Kayser and his bakers, with their creative spirits and the best quality ingredients, make innovative recipes and partner up creative bakers from all over the world. His bakers all share the same love of good breads… The opening of its first address in 1996 was followed many artisan stores in Paris and around the world, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, Beirut, Moscow, Hong Kong, Manila, and now in Jakarta. Today, there are more than 100 Eric Kayser Boulangeries in over fifteen countries with the same principle of natural leavened bread, kneaded and freshly baked at the stores.

good breads don't lie

  • Bread

    Bread according to Eric Kayser should have lots of character, completely the opposite of any standard products. The ambition is to bring traditional French bread up to modern time, but without taking away anything from its soul!

    All of the bread are kneaded, shaped and baked on-site in each Eric Kayser’s bakery, under the supervision of a head baker who has been personally trained by Eric Kayser.

    Smoothness and aroma are preserved trough slow kneading and long fermentation. To be worthy of your taste buds, a simple baguette takes twelve hours of attention

    Honeycomb and tender, with subtle aroma and a fine golden crust.

    Start by appreciating its color, gently press a slice to your nose to experience its crispy touch and crust, the smoothness and perfume of the bread itself.

    Only then take a bite, and feel its texture and flavors develop in your mouth.

  • Viennoseries

    Beside Baguette; Croissant’s, bichons, danishes and other viennoseries are another worldwide known product revised and enhanced by “Eric Kayser”.

    It is surrounded with a large range of traditional and more exotic products to form the big family of Viennoiseries. This delicacies also benefit from our natural ‘Levain’ and from of our loving attention.

    Made from natural raising agents, premium butter and especially selected flour, Eric Kayser Croissant has won the best croissant in Paris 2009 By Le Figaro. Then followed by Best Croissant of Tokyo, New York, and Singapore.

  • Patisserie

    French pastries are the other passion of Eric Kayser.

    Therefore, we devote the same attention as for breads to guarantee taste and freshness through daily preparation and very limited shelf lives.

    A crisp crust that melts in your mouth, top quality ingredients and lots on inventiveness, that recipe is shared by all of our creations. For the rest, everyone has their gourmet secret that strive to discover.

    Does the succulent monge tart owe its success to the delicate fromage blanc? Or to the acidity of the raspberry? Or to its fine shortbread?

    Tarte Monge is Eric Kayser Interpretation of traditional pastry using only finest and freshest ingredients, with lots of technique and passion

  • Tourte & Sandwiches

    Top ingredient quality materials and craftsmanship to create top of the line products.

    At our place, the star of the quick lunch is as simple as ever, but while offering combination of flavors and ingredient from faraway places.

    All savory tarts are as well prepared on the day they will be savored and have a wide range of flavors.

    They are of the up-most quality and freshness.

    Sandwiches are prepared with freshly baked Eric Kayser bread and fresh greeneries and ingredients

  • Coffee

    Carefully selected and hand picked beans, Freshly roasted, and professional baristas from Tokyo to New-York, a special care is taken to teach and enforce high quality of coffee standards. None of the beans aged more than 20 days.

    To go or to accompany your meal, its time to refine your coffee experience!

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our business partners

Everyday, beyond 200 restaurants in Paris and The Palais de L’Elysée, trust the quality of Eric Kayser’s products and the steadiness of its artisans.

Beside its dear clients, Maison Kayser provides with bread among the most prestigious tables in Paris and worldwide.

Kayser comes from Paris and it’s a very nice patisserie. The pastry shop and the room is very contemporary. They have a good breakfast. They’re also open for lunch and dinner. I think they're bringing their style and heritage from Paris, but I believe that they are humble and open enough to embrace New York. To keep their soul and be in a New York place at the same time.

-Eric Ripert, Chef Le Bernadin-

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Eric Kayser's Clients

France Presidential Palace - France

Four Seasons Hotel - Paris

JAL - Tokyo

Lavayette - Paris

The Plaza Hotel - Seoul

Three Stars Michelin Restaurant - New York

Orchard Parade - Singapore

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